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Friday, September 20, 2019
Love God, Love Others, Serve the Community.



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Be on Mission

[Be on mission] Share your time, talent, and treasure in order to bring life change to others.

Being connected to a group of fellow followers of Christ means that we are becoming the church. The church are those that have been called out by God to be a light to the world. We do this by investing those things that we have in the lives of others. We have ample opportunities to serve in the Lighthouse and places that can help you make real change in the lives of others around this community and around the world. This community both within the church and outside of the church is always in need of someone to serve through the giving of time, talents, and treasure. Take the next step and follow Jesus to those that truly need you to make an impact on their lives. In this way you truly are changing the world.


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